Offset html anchors for fixed header with pure css

Using Javascript is the intuition when I encountered this problem. But should I spend that much effort for a simple and common problem?

I found an answer on stackoverflow with just pure css. Combining the top answer by Jan and css solution by Alessandro Alinone. I came up with the code ↓:

<!-- put this just above the section you wanna go to -->
<a id='contact'></a>
// For modern browsers, just add the CSS3 :target selector to the page. 
// This will apply to all the anchors automatically.
// ref:

:target {
  display: block;
  position: relative;
  top: -120px; 
  visibility: hidden;

By the way, when I was playing with anchor tag, I found that I have a huge misunderstanding about the limitation of anchor tag.

I originally thought, you could only use the anchor tag on the same page. However, it turns out not true.

A typical scenario is the anchor tag in the header. Just by providing the absolute url of the link, the user will have no problem to navigate back to the section.

<a href="/#contact">Contact</a> 
<!-- or -->
<a href="">Contact</a>
<!-- instead of  -->
<a href="#contact">Contact</a>
<!-- which could only locate the id of section on the same page -->

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