Hey! Nice to see you here :smiley:
I started this blog Feb, 2017.
It is pretty new and I will do my best to write as much as possible :dash:

Little something about the blog

if you are interested in some geeky stuff
if you are interested in Rails, Ruby, Javascript and etc.
if you are interested in good-looking and tasty food
if you are interested in manage your life with technology
you might find some posts I share here interesting :smirk:

Little something about me

I was a trained petroleum engineer, and went through the horrible downturn in oil industry during 2015. It was exactly the time led me thinking about whether I want to continue my career.

Since I was very young, my dad and I had the curiosity of whole world to explore new technologies and product built with cutting-edge concepts. Though we did not have enough money to try out things, we enjoyed talking and discussing about the trend.

At the intersection of choosing college major, we agreed on going for the career that could make money (ironically huh? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) instead finding out what I was really passion about. Just as most people are thinking, I am thinking the same: “I am not smart enough for computer science/coding/programming”.

Life likes to make jokes on you. I did not make much money out of oil and gas career before the whole industry hit the bottom. It seems like the perfect time for me to actually gave up everything I learned related to oil and gas, so I went for it.

Thanks to my parents’ support. I have the freedom and luxury to pursue what I believe is right. I completed 8-week coding bootcamp to accelerate the learning process, and start to find a full-time job as soon as I could.

Now, I worked as a full-time Rails developer, using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS everyday.

Don’t believe in something just because it is trendy. You get more prestige by doing good science rather than by doing popular science. Try to become expert in one topic rather learning many things partially.

– Donald Knuth